Monrovia teen brothers launch lawn-art business painting logos of SoCal teams on front yards

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Monrovia teens launch lawn art business
What started as an April Fool's Day prank has turned into a lucrative business for two teen brothers from Monrovia: Spray-painting the logos of SoCal sports teams onto front lawns.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Zachary Menlove is juggling more than the average teenager.

Over the last couple months he and his little brother Joshua have become successful entrepreneurs.

Their business is LA Lawn Art. They are painting Los Angeles team logos on lawns across SoCal.

"There's nothing that makes me more proud than to see my boys out there working hard," said Ryan Menlove, the boys' father.

As with any good business, it started in good fun, as a prank on a family member who is an LA Angels fan.

"On April Fool's Day we thought that it'd be funny to spray paint a Dodger logo on their lawn," Zachary explained.

"Went down at about 10:00 at night, painted their lawn and then drove home and the next morning he woke up to find LA on his lawn," his father added.

Neighbors walking by loved the lawn art.

It was a home run.

"A lot of people came and saw it and thought it was an awesome idea. They wanted it on their house," said Zachary.

He started painting at 15 to 20 houses each week.

Zachary and his little-brother-turned-business-partner earned $1,000 during the month of August.

"He's making a ton of money so I thought maybe I could make some money doing it with him," Joshua said.

With Zach's robotics background, they cut logos from wood and can paint every design from the Dodgers, to the Kings and the Rams.

They say the lawn art lasts two to three weeks.

"It's been pretty rough months so this is great actually having this on the yard and I love it," said customer Sal Vazquez.

The boys' former teacher and new customer Tom Traeger said, "I just think it's a wonderful idea. And I wish these guys all the best at making a little cash here during the coronavirus."

Their homebase is Monrovia, but they're getting requests from all over.

And since they're not old enough to drive, they pay dad for gas, supplies and lunch at the end of a hard day's work.

"I think the sky is the limit. I think they've gotten a little taste to realize a little innovation and ingenuity, they can make something happen," Menlove explained.

Zach is saving up for the day the Dodgers make it back to the World Series.

And Joshua, like any savvy businessman, is just saving.

You could say these teens have really hit it out of the park.

You can find LA Lawn Art here on Instagram.