L.A. Stadium hosts job fair, seeking construction workers

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, which is building the L.A. Rams and Chargers' new home in Inglewood, hosted a major job fair on Thursday.

The search for work has dozens turning to the new stadium as construction continues on the massive 298-acre project.

As it nears completion, just a year to go, the stadium is looking for those to help complete the finishing touches like drywall and tile.

Workers lined up around the building at Robins Park as the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District held its quarterly job fair for those interested in helping build the new stadium.

"We're about 70% of the way complete, still some work to go, and that's why we're still doing these jobs and information and resource fairs," said Jason Witt of L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District. "Some of the work that we are looking for, as always, electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers."

All the jobs are union -- all meant to help build a career. For some, it's all about being part of L.A.'s future.

"I grew up in the area. I want to be part of history, you see, and just to do that, that was my attraction," said Harry Naylor. "It's not about the pay or anything like that. Just to be part of history."

Since the project started, 12,000 people have been hired to work on the stadium, and more are needed. Another job fair is set for Oct. 17.
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