PHOTOS: Laguna Art Museum presents "Sunset Trace" by Poetic Kinetics

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Monday, November 9, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Laguna Art Museum, in collaboration with the City of Laguna Beach, commissioned "Sunset Trace" from LA-Based art group Poetics Kinetics. This larger-than-life installation is tailored for the shoreline of Main Beach Park and open to the public from Nov 5 through Nov 15.

The museum hopes the piece will serve the community in an number of ways including shedding light on environmental issues and celebrating the area's unique connection with art and nature.

"The theme of Art & Nature speaks particularly to the identity of Laguna Beach, which for over a hundred years has been a center for art, the appreciation of nature, and environmental awareness," said Malcolm Warner the museum's executive director.

"Sunset Trace" gracefully floats through the palm trees of the park's walkways, like a flock of brightly colored birds. Artist Patrick Shearn designed it and his other signature "Skynet" pieces to remind humans that nature is always moving around them.

For more information about "Sunset Trace" or any other Laguna Art exhibits, visit their site