Tom Hiddleston returns as 'Loki,' and fans can't wait


ByPatrick Stinson OTRC logo
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Loki Lovers Unite
Fans go all out in anticipation of Tom Hiddleston's return as 'Loki'

LOS ANGELES -- "Loki" fans celebrated the much anticipated return of the biggest mischief maker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just days before the hit series' season two debut, Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre hosted what can be best described as a "Loki" lovefest. Fans held nothing back, dressing up as the God of Mischief and other characters from the series.

In addition to various photo-ops, the event also included a sneak peek at season two as well as an up-close look at costumes from the show's multiple timelines. "Loki" Costume Designer, Christine Wada was on hand to witness the unbridled creativity of diehard fans. "There's nothing more flattering than seeing how people love these characters and then just take these costumes and make their own thing," she told On The Red Carpet.

Stars Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson have helped make "Loki" the most watched Disney+ show in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's also the MCU's first live-action series to get a second season.

Season two of "Loki" streams on Disney+, starting October 5.