Elderly man shares his story of vicious, random attack in Los Feliz

LOS FELIZ, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- After hearing about an elderly man in Hollywood being randomly attacked, another man contacted Eyewitness News to share a story of how he was viciously assaulted in Los Feliz.

Paul Young said he was suddenly soaked in blood and completely confused after a stranger attacked him out of nowhere.

"It was not a pretty scene. There was blood everywhere and I was pretty much incoherent," he said.

He said he was assaulted in July while walking on a street in his neighborhood. All he remembers is the young, tall, blonde man carrying a guitar.

"We had, again, no contact of any kind, eye contact - nothing. Nobody stopped him. I surmise that they were afraid to stop him," he said.

When Young fell on the sidewalk, he said his head hit the pavement twice and he rolled into the street. He said he is still recovering from his injuries, which include a broken rib, severe concussion, a gash on his head, a compressed lung and a hurt foot.

"I walk 6 miles every weekend for at least 40 years. I haven't walked six blocks since July," he said.

His daughter, Lauren, is now helping her elderly parents cope with the physical and psychological effects of the attack.

"As a daughter, it's hard watching a parent have their health compromised in that kind of way. He's much more withdrawn. I think he thinks a lot about what happened," she said.

Young said police have no leads in the investigation and he hasn't seen the man in the area since. He's lost his faith in people, but hopes this warning will reach others like him so it doesn't happen again.

"This is one hit, one time, in one second and my life might be totally altered for the rest of my days," he said.

Young also said when he was walking he was carrying a laptop. When he fell to the ground it smashed to pieces.

He has set up a GoFundMe account to help him replace the laptop. If you would like to donate, you may do so by clicking here.
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