OC Rep. Correa berated by apparent Trump supporter during live ABC7 interview about Capitol chaos

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Thursday, January 7, 2021
OC congressman berated by Trump supporter during live ABC7 interview about Capitol
O.C. Rep. Lou Correa was on the House floor during the Capitol attack, and as he was explaining the chaotic scene live on Eyewitness News Thursday morning, an apparent Trump supporter began harassing him.

WASHINGTON (KABC) -- Rep. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, was on the House floor when the mob that stormed the Capitol tried to barge in, and as he was explaining the chaotic scene live on Eyewitness News Thursday morning, an apparent Trump supporter began harassing him.

During a phone interview live on-air just before he boarded a plane in Washington, Correa said "it was the most surreal experience I've ever had in my life."

"The worst thing was knowing the president incited this violence," he added.

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As Correa was speaking, a person could be heard screaming in the background. The Congressman identified the man as a supporter of the president, who he told, "You incited it ... How does it feel to invade the Capitol of the United States? Four people died, my friend, four people died."

Correa recounted the terrifying day to City News Service, recalling dropping off his family Wednesday morning at the airport in Baltimore and taking a train to the Capitol.

"There must have been 60 to 70 (President Donald) Trump supporters on that train,'' he said. "They were very respectful, very quiet, just going to support the president.''

Then, as they made their way to the Capitol, "Trump and his son whipped them up, saying, 'You have to defend them,''' Correa said.

Later, when he was in the House chamber, "I looked up, hearing people banging on those chamber doors.''

"I saw something I never saw before,'' he said. "I saw Democratic congress members, Republican congress members, joining hands and helping the more senior members of Congress evacuate, helping ladies get through that area and getting ready to defend that castle in case of a breach. I saw unity, unity of purpose, unity of Americans.''

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Then, security advised the congressional members to take cover, and if they sensed tear gas to not look up, Correa said.

"They said everybody get out, we're about to use tear gas, there are tear gas masks under your seats,'' Correa said. "I never knew we had tear gas masks under our desks, but I looked and there was a package. We grabbed one and we're walking around with it. You could smell (the tear gas).''

As the mob tried to push its way into the chamber, Correa said there was a sense that, "We were ready to hold the line. I don't know what would have happened but you saw Democrats and Republicans ready to kick some ass.''

Correa said he saw security "grabbing very priceless desks, probably antiques, using them as reinforcement to stop the doors from opening and the guns were drawn everywhere.''

He called on his congressional colleagues such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to "stop the fiery speeches. I would ask them in their conscience, what are you going to do now? Isn't it time to stop playing politics with these divisive themes that are essentially destroying the nation.''

Correa said he was "more determined than ever'' to finish certifying the presidential election results.

"I don't want to leave until we finish our job,'' Correa said at the time.

Congress concluded the electoral vote count early Thursday morning, certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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City News Service contributed to this report.