Manny's Sweet Treats is the go-to dessert joint in Mineola

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Thursday, March 4, 2021
Customers drive hours to try these Long Island desserts
Manny Carvalho always had a sweet tooth but never found a restaurant dedicated to just desserts. He decided to take his love for sweets and create Manny's Sweet Treats shop.

MINEOLA, New York -- When it comes to candy and ice cream, leave to it Long Island's Hector Carvalho to create a dessert combination you would never think of!

In 2016, Carvalho opened Manny's Sweet Treats, a dessert bar and cafe.

On the menu, you will find deliciously outrageous crepes, waffles, decadent ice cream sandwiches, specialty lattes, buzzworthy alcohol infusions, and more!

"I always loved candy and sweets," said Carvalho. "As a kid, you think it's such a kid thing, but for me, it was not. I wanted to just have fun with the desserts and just create some crazy stuff."

Carvalho's menu is driven by a desire to create a one-of-a-kind dessert experience for people of all ages.

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In 2020, he wanted to expand his shop to include more adult-focused alcoholic desserts.

He now has dessert alcohol-infused cocktails, ice pops, and gummies.

"We have cocktails that have an entire show," said Carvalho. "They have smoke, sound, a story. We have slushies, cocktails, everything in between, just basically went wild. Trust me, it was fun making it, but it was hard. It was getting drunk every single day, and that was a little too much for me ha-ha."

Even though Carvalho is not a traditionally trained chef, he uses his schooling in chemical engineering to experiment with new ideas and ingredients to add to his ever-changing menu.

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"People don't realize that chemistry is also related to food," said Carvalho. "I didn't go to culinary school, but in a sense, it's something similar."

Carvalho hopes to bring joy to hungry customers who are open to trying his out-of-this-world dessert creations!


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