LASD seizes 5,500 marijuana plants, arrests 12 in South El Monte warehouse raid staff KABC logo
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
LASD deputies raid marijuana warehouse in South El Monte
Deputies seized more than 5,500 plants and about 455 pounds of processed marijuana from a warehouse in South El Monte.

SOUTH EL MONTE, Calif. (KABC) -- Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies seized thousands of marijuana plants and arrested a dozen people as they raided a warehouse in South El Monte.

Deputies served a search warrant at the industrial facility and found a massive growing operation. They seized more than 5,500 plants and about 455 pounds of processed marijuana.

They also arrested 12 people on drug violations in connection with the raid.

Deputies say illegal operations like this generate other criminal activity and cause problems for neighbors ranging from odor to attracting dangerous elements by the handling of large amounts of cash.

"By targeting these illegal operations, the LASD plays a crucial role in dismantling the networks that fuel organized crime, directly enhancing community safety and well-being," the LASD wrote in a Facebook post. "The operation not only disrupts the supply chain of illegal narcotics and criminal activity, but also curtails the associated financial support to organized crime groups."

The department says it carries out from 300 to 600 search warrants a year related to marijuana.