A kid touching Meghan's hair and lovable dogs: Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry's first overseas trip

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Thursday, July 12, 2018
CUTE PHOTOS: Meghan, Harry's first overseas trip
Meghan and Harry's two-day trip to Dublin was full of adorable moments, including Harry playfully scolding a toddler who played with the duchess' hair.

When a toddler touched the duchess' hair, Prince Harry had something to say about it (playfully, of course).

Meghan and Harry's first overseas trip as a married couple saw the duke and duchess on a two-day trip through Dublin.

There were plenty of cute moments throughout the trip, but perhaps none so talked-about as the moment Walter Cullen, 3, reached out and played with the duchess' hair. Photos show Prince Harry pointing a finger at the tot and seeming to tell him off for it as Walter puts his hand over his mouth. The interaction was part of the royals' visit to the Gaelic Athletic Association.

The couple visited the official residence of Irish President Michael D. Higgins, where they met the president's dogs.