What to do if your car is stuck on train tracks

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- What should a driver do if he or she gets stuck on the railroad tracks?

"If my rig would get stuck I would call the police right away and let them know, 'Hey! Can they stop this train?'" said truck driving student Charles Piggee.

Driving instructors at United Driving School in Riverside say that's right.

At every railroad crossing, you'll find an equipment box with the crossing location and a phone number on it. If you get stuck, instructors advise calling that number immediately.

"That lets them know exactly what crossing you're at and they can get a hold of the train and tell them what to do," said truck driving supervisor Wayne Ewing.

Driving students are also taught to never shift gears with a manual transmission while crossing the tracks. That's to prevent you from accidentally stalling and getting stuck. Above all else, instructors say you should always remember the potential danger.

"You can't beat a train. There's just no beating a train. It could be your life and it could be someone else's life as well," said truck driving instructor Amber Simmons.

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