Mom brings boutique designs to children's dollhouses

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Friday, November 18, 2022
Mom brings boutique designs to children's dollhouses
Mom turns tiny toys into big ideas with Mini Adventure Co.

KATY, Texas -- Mini Adventures Co. is the brainchild of Jackie Anderson, who was unhappy with the decor and furniture that came with a dollhouse she got her daughter for Christmas a few years ago. Anderson went to work remaking the gift out of her garage in Katy, Texas. She used her woodworking skills to create unique miniature pieces for that house.

"The second I started the project I was in love," said Anderson. "I knew this was not going to be the last dollhouse that I worked on."

Anderson has gone on to create hundreds of unique doll house items from couches and beds to rolling pins and stand mixers. Her style brought a boutique design aesthetic to the dollhouse market.

Anderson just released the world's first modular dollhouse with magnetic rooms allowing kids to rearrange the rooms into dozens of layouts.

"Now it doesn't just become about the things inside the dollhouse," said Anderson. "The first step is the dollhouse itself."

The preorder for the modular dollhouse starts November 21.