ABC's 'Mixed-ish' returns for season 2 with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tika Sumpter teaching their TV kids about family history, heritage

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tika Sumpter love being stuck in the 80's on their ABC comedy 'Mixed-ish".
HOLLYWOOD -- Mark Paul Gosselaar and Tika Sumpter are still stuck in the 80's... and return for more family fun with "Mixed-ish." To kick off season two, the characters decide their kids need to spend more time learning about their history and their heritage.

"This is a fun season," said Gosselaar. "The 80's were such a time of materialism. Now they've been out of the commune for a year. They're starting to enjoy some of the fruits of the eighties and that'll be fun for the audience to watch."

Both actors think the show has gotten even funnier.

"The training wheels are off and we found our stride and we know what our characters would and wouldn't do," said Sumpter.

"The creators see what your strengths are and they write toward that so, yeah, I feel that this season, there's a lot more of that," said Gosselaar.

What there won't be more of... one certain part of Mark Paul's costume from season one

"I think they burned those Birkenstocks," laughed Gosselaar. "My character, also, besides getting a haircut and shaving a bit of his sideburns off, he's now a school teacher at a public school so he has to dress the part a little bit so I haven't worn the Birkenstocks all season. I do miss them although my feet love me more now."

"Mixed-ish" airs Tuesday nights at 9:30pm PT on ABC.
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