Monrovia drug investigation: Homeowner arrested in state drug task force probe

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- A Monrovia homeowner was taken into custody after police raided a home and discovered evidence of drugs being made at the residence.

Monrovia Police Department officers responded to a home along N. Myrtle Avenue just north of Foothill Boulevard around 6:50 p.m. Tuesday after receiving an anonymous tip.

L.A. County Fire Department Hazmat crews and Monrovia Fire Department personnel were also called to the location regarding a large quantity of chemicals being stored at the home.

"Originally, it was a hazmat, illegal storage of chemicals, an abundant amount of illegal chemicals. That led to a criminal investigation when it was discovered that possibly some of these chemicals were substances possibly related to narcotics," said Cecelia Garcia Cleveland with Los Angeles police.

Investigators were seen inspecting numerous pieces of evidence at the back of the residence. Authorities at the scene told Eyewitness News that the investigation is part of a state drug task force.

Monrovia police requested assistance from a regional task force specializing in narcotic enforcement. A search warrant was obtained by investigators and a male homeowner was arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance.

Personnel on scene determined that some of the chemicals were precursors for manufacturing controlled substances, authorities said.

That evidence appeared to include bottles and canisters of chemicals spread out all across a large white tarp.

Authorities said the chemicals were not flammable or explosive, but the fumes could have been a danger to residents and officers, that is why a hazmat team was brought in to assist with the investigation.

Authorities did not specify what chemicals were found, but they said the home was not used as a meth lab.

The investigators were wearing full hazmat suits while handling the evidence.

There were no known evacuations due to the investigation. Residents said seeing the hazmat crews in white suits rattled them.

"I'm a little shocked. I wouldn't expect it in our neighborhood, never any activity that would usually be related to a drug house or anything else like that," said Marilynn Kubisch, an area resident.

If you have any relevant information about this case, you're urged to contact the Monrovia Police Department Detective Division at (626) 256-8041.
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