DASHCAM VIDEO: Bus crosses median, slams into building in San Francisco

Monday, September 10, 2018
Driver injured after Muni bus plows into SF building
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A Muni driver is facing life-threatening injuries after the bus crossed a median and crashed into a dry cleaning business in SF's Marina District.

SAN FRANCISO -- A Muni driver and a passenger were hurt after a bus crashed into a building at Lombard and Scott streets in San Francisco's Marina District.

Officials say the bus crossed the median and was facing oncoming traffic on Lombard when it crashed into a dry cleaners around 5:45 a.m.

The bus driver is facing life-threatening injuries.

Incredible new surveillance video shows the exact moment the Muni bus, which was carrying passengers, crashed into the building.

Davonte Robinson saw the whole thing from across the street. "It was driving on this side and then went over. It was slow though, as though he let off the gas and it coasted over and coasted slowly into the building and the tree. And the tree snapped. That's when I heard the loud thunder," he said.

Investigators say one passenger complaining of pain was taken to the hospital but the most seriously hurt was the 66-year-old bus driver.

Passengers stumbled off the bus, one falling while trying to get out. Police would like to interview those who were on board.

"The others left the bus and continued on their way, wherever it was that they were going this morning. If they see reports of this collision, we would like them to contact investigation," SFPD Sgt. Michael Andraychak said.

Investigators say it's too early to speculate on why the bus crossed the median and crashed. They will be reviewing the video captured by the bus' camera.

The accident had a huge impact on morning traffic - westbound Lombard Street was shut down all morning.

Those staying in hotels near the scene were just stunned that this happened. "Everybody is coming out of their rooms, everybody is looking around and coming out of their rooms. It is a crazy thing to see," Robinson said.

Muni officials say the bus driver's family is with him at the hospital. They still don't know what caused the crash.

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