Muralists use their art to spread positive energy and fight food insecurity

Menace Two and Resa Piece join forces to create a t-shirt design to support our Feed SoCal food drive.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Muralists use their art to spread positivity and fight food insecurity
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Menace Two and Resa Piece join forces to create a t-shirt design to support our Feed SoCal food drive.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "We originally painted this mural to try and address the Asian hate going on," said Menace Two, who together with kindred spirit Resa Piece, implement the powerful expression of graffiti art to create impactful change in communities.

"This mural is a call for unity, because we noticed all the tensions between the minority groups," added Resa.

"So, we painted this in a pretty active gang neighborhood, and it got tagged over by I believe local gangs."

Menace continued, "We wanted to paint this so that we could bring everyone together, you know? And that was kind of like the most ironic thing that could have happened to this."

ABC7 partnered with Smile South Central to identify muralists willing to donate their time and talent to create t-shirt designs to support our 10th annual Feed SoCal food drive.

The mural at Normandie Avenue and W. 55th Street in South Los Angeles is the inspiration for the design of their t-shirt.

"We painted a unity mural for everybody out here, and we're happy to provide our art for people to wear," Menace said.

Dezmundo used his Hyde Park mural to create wearable works of art to fight food insecurity

Resa, in referencing Feed SoCal, explained, "Especially if it's to fund an important cause like feeding people who don't have access to food. It's a super important cause, we're happy and honored to be a part of it."

Menace and Resa believe that the most beautiful facet of graffiti art is that it transcends the boundaries of race, class or gender.

"I have mural concepts ready and when I find a space that fits the message, I'll put the message through. He'll outline the letters, and then I outline the faces or define our element of it," Resa explained.

"And after we outline it, we just fill it in, and then detail with shading and highlights."

Menace says they strive to use this powerful art form to spread positive energy wherever possible.

"Ideally, it'd be very nice if we could all just recognize that we're all just human beings. And because everyone's human, we should all respect each other no matter what."

ABC7 will donate 100% of its proceeds from the sale of the exclusive Menace Two and Resa Piece-designed t-shirt to support our 10th annual Feed SoCal campaign.

To purchase a t-shirt, visit ABC7's apparel shop.