For toilet paper, did you know you can skip the store and head directly to the source?

ByDiane Wilson via WTVD logo
Monday, June 1, 2020
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For toilet paper, did you know you can skip the store and head directly to the source?

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Note: This story was originally published on April 28.

It's the never-ending quest for toilet paper and paper towels. If you're tired of running to several stores only to learn there are none of the shelves, one tip is to check online directly with the manufactures' websites.

Georgia Pacific makes a lot of paper products, and while they have increased production, it's still hard to find their products on store shelves. On their website, you can click on which brand you like, and if they have it in stock, you can buy it directly from them.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson was able to snag some rolls of Quilted Northern. At the time she checked online, you could also buy Brawny paper towels.

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While some quantities are out of stock, you can still snag the six-roll pack or twenty-four pack of paper towels, and ship it directly to your home. If an item is out of stock, you can click "notify me," put in your email and you will get an alert when it's back in stock.

When it comes to Kimberly Clark brands, Troubleshooter Diane Wilson was able to find Scott toilet and paper towels in stock. When buying on the Scott website, the page directs you to a store's website that has it in stock, and you can buy online.

If you're a fan of Procter & Gamble products, Troubleshooter Diane Wilson didn't have as much luck. When she clicked on their paper products, a message popped up that said, "Sorry couldn't find any sellers."

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One last website that might be helpful is Supply Finder. It provides updates on which stores have high-demand products, such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer--on shelves.