TSA introduces new facial recognition technology at LAX

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Saturday, March 19, 2022
TSA introduces new facial recognition technology at LAX
The next generation technology verifies the passenger's identity by comparing facial features with their government-issued ID.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The TSA is looking toward the future and its new technology reflects that. The TSA recently introduced a new facial recognition technology at some of LAX's airport security checkpoints.

"We are investing in creating a touchless streamline passenger experience from curb to gate for our passengers," said Aura Moore, Deputy Executive Director at Los Angeles World Airports.

"Amazing because we just walked right through," said Elizabeth Edwards an LAX passenger. "I've never walked right through like this."

The next generation Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) is equipped with a camera that captures a photo of the passenger and technology that compares the passenger's facial features with their government issued ID.

All this happens without having to exchange personal belongings or documents between the passenger and the TSA agent, which some passengers appreciate in light of the pandemic.

"I feel like it's a lot safer that way because we don't have to touch anything with our hands," said Karen Marquez, another LAX passenger.

TSA plans to use this new technology for roughly 90 days at LAX, in which time they will gather data to determine whether they will expand the system nationwide.

"Hearing from what the customers think," said Keith Jeffries, a TSA Federal Security Director at LAX. "We already know the security advantages of it, but knowing what they think as well is important to us."

"I was surprised at first because I didn't expect it or see it before," said Rob Hunden who tried the new system for the first time. "So it went very smoothly and it was fine."

This new technology is also being tested at 12 other airports across the country.

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