Toddler wanders onto 210 Freeway in San Bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- A toddler who wandered off from his home and ended up on the 210 Freeway in San Bernardino was home safe after being rescued by a retired police officer.

The 3-year-old boy was found on the freeway Saturday morning, in the right-hand lane.

"At about 9:11 a.m., we were notified that CHP had received a phone call from a gentleman identifying himself as a retired Los Angeles police officer. He'd advised he was out in the eastbound 210 Freeway with a toddler...," said Vicki Cervantes of San Bernardino police.

The boy's mother had reported her son missing about 45 minutes earlier. Police began searching the family's large property on Roosevelt Avenue.

The boy walked about two blocks to get to the freeway and went up the off-ramp.

Officers and the family were extremely grateful the good Samaritan saw the boy before it was too late and called 911.

"He stopped abruptly, jumped out of his vehicle and was able to grab the little guy and take him to safety. He also reported several cars appeared to have swerved around to actually avoid hitting the child, prior to him grabbing a hold of the child. So this could have really had a disastrous ending, and I'm just very grateful it did not," Cervantes added.

Authorities said the boy appeared to have wandered off on his own, and his parents were not facing any child neglect charges.
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