Newsom, Elder spar over climate-change issue days before recall vote

Gov. Gavin Newsom and Larry Elder both campaigned in the Central Valley Thursday with two very different messages on climate change.

"Floods on the East Coast," Newsom said while in Fresno. "People literally drowning in their cars. He doesn't even believe. At this critical moment in our state and nation and globe's history, thinks climate change is a myth, thinks it's a crock and thinks the answer to climate change is more offshore oil drilling."

Elder defined his view on the climate change issue differently: "I am not a climate change denier, contrary to what my opponent's ads say," Elder said. "I am a climate change alarmist denier. Droughts are God-made, but shortages are manmade and we're not preparing. We should be preparing when we have wet years to store the water to get us through the dry years we're having right now."

In an exclusive Eyewitness News Poll conducted by Survey USA, 41% of voters plan to vote yes on the recall, but 54% say they'll vote no with only 5% left undecided.

Among the 46 candidate vying to replace Newsom if the recall is approved, Elder has a commanding lead at 29%. Newsom is calling in even more help from Washington to get out the vote. President Joe Biden will travel to California Monday to tour the wildfire zone near Sacramento and then speak at a recall rally in Long Beach.

"They see this as an opportunity to take back the House of Representatives," Newsom said. "This matters in 2022, this matters in 2024. Why is Joe Biden coming out on Monday to help this recall? 'Cause he recognizes his agenda is at risk in this country. This is a profoundly important race. I'm not here to persuade you. I'm just here to ask you a simple question. Are you going to vote no on this recall."

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