Customers can combine burgers and sushi at King's Burgers and Got Sushi restaurant in Northridge

A Northridge chef's passion for sushi inspired him to combine burgers and sushi into a two-in-one restaurant.

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Thursday, May 26, 2022
Mix and match burgers and sushi at this two-in-one restaurant
A Northridge chef's passion for sushi inspired him to combine burgers and sushi into a two-in-one restaurant.

NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Have you ever craved a pastrami cheeseburger, but at the same time also wanted something more light and fresh, like sushi? Well, look no further than King's Burgers and Got Sushi? in Northridge. Restaurant owner and chef Jun Cha says the inspiration behind the unique combination of foods comes from his father.

"I remember when I was very little my dad actually owned a really fancy Japanese restaurant back in Korea. So, I was very open to working with seafood and fish," Cha said.

Cha and his family moved from Korea to Northridge when he was in ninth grade. In 1981, his father opened King's Burgers. During this time, Cha says his dad's restaurant was a typical burger joint with no sushi on the menu.

"He was actually always kind of upset with me," Cha said. "And so I kind of like tried to stay away from helping this restaurant because I thought this was not something for me."

Cha says he did have a passion for food and wanted to learn how to make sushi instead.

"I mainly trained in Katana for four and a half years. Then, went to Japan and worked for a couple of years," Cha said.

After Cha mastered the craft of making sushi, he came up with the idea to incorporate sushi into his dad's burger joint, which he had taken over when his dad retired. In 2009, he officially changed the title of the restaurant to, King's Burgers and Got Sushi?

"In the beginning, I had a hard time because maybe nine out of the 10 people, they would just make a comment and be like, 'I'm not eating sushi over here,'" Cha said.

But Cha says that's changed and customers often order sushi.

"Great burger and incredible sushi," said customer Manuel Minassian.

Not only do you get the best of both worlds with burgers and sushi, but there's also an extensive menu that includes teriyaki bowls, salads and sandwiches.

"You can come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's the best place in the valley," said customer Zareh Zargaryan.

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