Technology makes it easy for nutrition pros to offer tele-nutrition to clients

Using Skype or Facetime, plus sophisticated software, dietitians and nutritionists are able to help their clients using a phone, tablet or computer to consult.

Nora Cicuto is a new mother who is looking to revamp recipes to make them quick and easy.

"I'm always trying to find recipes that are really fast easy but that are healthy. One of my go-tos that I love is a chicken stir fry," said Cicuto.

Maria Abramson works from home and wants to get a pantry makeover. She's been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wants to eat healthier.

Both sought the help of Pacific Nutrition Partners, a team of dietitians and nutrition specialists that realized tele-nutrition is the "next best" thing.

"We know that 65 percent of Americans are dealing with diet-related chronic disease, and we know there's a lot of nutrition misinformation out there, and anything we can do to make our services more accessible, we're all about it," said Jocelyn Harrison, co-found of the nutrition group.

Harrison said their group uses technology to lower their operating costs. They offer nutritional counseling, cooking classes and pantry makeovers via FaceTime or Skype. And they can answer your most serious nutrition questions.

"Where are you at with food, first of all, and what type of medical conditions are you dealing with? And what kind of constraints do you have in your life that are really going to impact the choices you make?" asked Harrison.

Harrison said they also offer in-home or office service but find many appreciate not having to fight the freeways or spend time traveling.

If you're going to use tele-nutrition it's going to cost you a little bit less -- about $150 to $90, depending on the service. They also have an app for their users that's absolutely free that allows you to text and get involved more on a tele-level.

"So you can upload your food that you've eaten that day for us to see, you can sync your fitness tracker, you can even chat with us if you're at the grocery store -- and your questions about which products to buy -- so were in constant communication," Harrison said.

For those scanning menus or market aisles, having a dietitian in the palm of your hand might help you solve a few dietary dilemmas.
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