Pomona Valley Mining Company offers stunning views, great food and a history of the mining era

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Friday, November 17, 2023
Pomona Valley Mining Company offers stunning views and history
Whether you're on a first date or celebrating a special occasion, you can celebrate it all while enjoying high quality steak and seafood in a place full of history.

POMONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Perched on a Pomona hillside, overlooking the 10 Freeway, customers can find Pomona Valley Mining Company which has been standing tall for 45 years.

The restaurant offers customers a one-of-a-kind dining experience along with a stunning view of the San Gabriel Valley and a rustic feel.

"There wasn't a lot out here in this area that really catered towards a unique, high-end dining experience for the surrounding area," said Logan Frick.

Once silver mining land, Frick's family opened the restaurant in 1977.

Today, Pomona Valley Mining Company remains a popular destination. Whether you're on a first date or celebrating a special occasion, you can celebrate it all while enjoying high quality steak and seafood.

Some of their dishes include the bacon-wrapped filet with melted herb compound butter and blue cheese, big plates of ribeye, prime rib and pork baby back ribs.

"I think having the view, and kind of the coziness and rustic-ness of the restaurant combined with great food creates a really unique situation that lends itself to a lot of different occasions," explained Frick.

Occasions that also include holidays!

Not in the mood to cook? Don't worry! Pomona Valley Mining Company is open for an all-day Thanksgiving buffet brunch. It's a set price of $50 for adults and $20 for children. Keep in mind, reservations for this buffet brunch are limited so it's best to reserve early.

The restaurant also encourages customers to take advantage of its craft cocktail list.

Two of their most popular drinks are the Strawberry Fields, similar to a Gin Sour, and Grandma's Medicine, their take on an old-fashioned hint of coffee and chocolate.

Frick admits that customers rarely have room left for dessert, but are made special in house.

Some of their desserts include delicious mud pies made with coffee espresso ice cream, Oreo cookie crumbles with pecans and whipped cream to top it off or a slice of New York Cheesecake.

"When you hear that guests are enjoying the experience and guests are positive about the experience, it really makes all that work and all that effort and all that thought feel very validating," said Frick. "We're thrilled. It's such a proud moment for us to be able to serve this community for so long, and we really hope to continue doing that for a very long time."

Pomona Valley Mining Company is located at 1777 Gillette Rd. in Pomona and is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

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