Tustin woman hospitalized in apparent TikTok prank led by teens inside Target store

The new mom of twins was shopping when suddenly, a bin was placed over her head.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Tustin woman hospitalized in apparent TikTok prank inside Target store
A new mom from Tustin said she was the victim of a TikTok prank led by a group of teens while she was shopping at Target. The incident even sent her to hospital.

TUSTIN, Calif. (KABC) -- Lana Clay-Monaghan didn't know much about pranks posted on social media until she became the victim of one over the weekend.

"I think something very similar to someone abruptly putting something over my head that they wanted to film my reaction," Clay-Monaghan explained while describing the prank.

The new mom of twins was shopping at Target located at The District in Tustin on Sunday, strolling the self-care aisle, when suddenly, she said a bin was placed over her head.

"It obscured my vision," Clay-Monaghan said. "I couldn't hear and I really couldn't breathe and I immediately grabbed for it and started screaming for help."

She said she was disoriented for a few seconds until she was able to get the bin off her head.

That's when she noticed a group of boys laughing and the shining light from their cell phones pointing at her.

"The last thing I said was help and I started to cry and that was the last moment before I went out and I hit the ground," Clay-Monaghan said.

She said she suffers from epilepsy and the sudden stress along with the change in lights and sounds caused her to pass out. She hit her head and didn't gain consciousness until she arrived at the hospital.

The Tustin Police Department told her what happened to her is similar to a prank that's been recorded and posted on TikTok.

Clay-Monaghan now fears a video of her will be posted online.

She wants the teens to be held accountable for the prank gone bad.

"You stand up and say, 'Whatever it was, I was trying to do a prank, I was trying to be funny, we didn't want to hurt her. She's hurt and needs help,'" said Clay-Monaghan. "You don't laugh and run off and hide and cower."

The new mom hopes the teens involved in the prank will do the right thing and come forward.

Tustin Police is investigating and urge anyone with information to contact Detective Schaller at 714.573.3245 or gschaller@tustinca.org.