Venice's Pachamama Beach offers organic and sustainable tacos

ByMichael Dominguez Localish logo
Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Venice's Pachamama Beach offers organic and sustainable tacos
Venice Beach's Pachamama Beach is organic street food with a mission to provide a healthy menu made with love and respect for each ingredient from farm to table.

VENICE BEACH, Calif. -- "Pachamama" translates to "Mother-Earth" in the indigenous language of Quechua. It's this reverence and love for nature that is realized in the practices and menu offerings of 'Pachamama Beach.' Owner, Chef Vick Vannucci has constructed a wide menu offering inspired by several different countries including Mexico, Japan, Peru, Colombia, and her native Argentina, but it's the tacos that she feels are the most special.

"You have three countries in a taco. The best of Mexico of course, they are the creators of the taco. And you have the best of Peru, and of course Japanese cuisine," Vannucci told Localish.

'Pachamama Beach' offers carne asada, chicken, and a vegan black bean taco.

"The most special part of our tacos is we use a special sauce called "Mama Sauce," says Vannucci. "It gives a different type of flavor to the tortilla."

All the tacos are made with fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients.

"We are trying to give sustainability to the beach, trying to clean the beach, trying to give organic product to the beach," says Vannucci.


1425 Ocean Front Walk

Venice, CA 90291