Looking for a unique attraction in Palm Springs? Check out the Windmill Tours.

Visit the private wind farm with windmills reaching 500 feet tall.

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Friday, September 29, 2023
Palm Springs Windmill Tours host unique tours in Coachella Valley
Palm Springs Windmill Tours are a unique attraction in Coachella Valley.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- When you drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs you are welcomed to the Coachella Valley by almost 1,100 wind turbines. The Palm Springs Windmill Tours gives guests an up close and personal tour of the towering windmills.

These turbines tower over the valley, with most measuring the height of the Statue of Liberty, standing at 310 feet tall. The largest on the farm are 500 feet from the base of the tower to the end of a blade.

With their tours, the company prides itself on its informative nature and ability to leave guests feeling hopeful for the future.

Palm Springs Windmill Tours has three different tours available.

The first tour is the self-guided audio tour through the wind farm. Guests will download a curated and narrated application and make their way through ten locations throughout the farm. Guests can take their time and even stop to take pictures along the way.

The second tour is the specialty tour. This is an hour-long, electric golf cart tour, fitting up to five people in each group. A professional wind energy tour guide will detail the history of the farm and "describe the inner workings of the wind turbines."

The third tour is the personal VIP tour. These are one-and-a-half to two-hour long, private tours, which accommodate two to five guests. With the personal tour guide, the tour is curated to the guest and any questions they may have about the farm. The tour also allows for exclusive photo-ops with large modern turbines.

"For the skeptics, family members that are kind of dragged along sometimes, you can actually see them changing on the tours. They go from a skeptic to 'Oh my, God. That's incredible. I had no idea.' It's just an amazing experience for a lot of people, and it's the kind of experience you really can't find any place else," said Rich Weideman, the tourism director of Palm Springs Windmill Tours.

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