Massive beehive has Hollywood buzzing

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A massive beehive is creating quite the buzz in the heart of Hollywood.

The huge hive is growing on a tree in front of Prestige Jewelers and Shiekh on Hollywood Boulevard and Schrader.

The giant nest is pretty active.

People who are allergic to bees are nervous and say it's dangerous. For example, what if someones throws something at the hive and gets the bees riled up?

Others say never fear. The bees look scary but attacking humans isn't what they normally do.

"One thing about bees is that if you leave them alone, they pretty much leave you alone," said Mike Couture, who was visiting the area from Menifee. "They don't want to sting you. They want to do their thing. The moment you start messing with bees, you get stung."

Do be careful if you have a beehive around you with our wet weather.

Experts say rainy weather makes bees cranky as well.

Although the average bee doesn't usually sting unless provoked, those of the Africanized or "killer" variety can be more aggressive and dangerous. Last week, a swarm of killer bees in Santa Clarita attacked two women and two dogs, resulting in the death of one of the pets.
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