Federal Trade Commission officials warn of phishing text message scam

ByJeff Ehling KTRK logo
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Officials warn of this text message scam going around
Getting text messages about a package that's yours? Whatever you do, DO NOT click on the link in the message.

For those shopping online, be aware of scammers who are sending text messages about a package for you.

Although it may seem real, it's just another phishing attempt. Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to get sensitive information by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity through technology.

The text reads that it is an urgent notice from the United States Postal Service regarding a shipment, followed by a link. Officials at the Federal Trade Commission urge people not to click it. They say it's a scam and people are sending it to try to get personal information.

"If you click on the link, it can trick you into giving personal information, like your social security number, account numbers, all types of bad stuff that can lead to identity theft, or it can lead to malware on your device," said Ari Lazarus, a FTC consumer education specialist.

You can report the text messages to the FTC, then delete the text and remember not to click the link.

"If you get something from FedEx, contact FedEx directly at a phone number you know to be true, go to their website and see if indeed there is a package that way," said Lazarus.

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