It's not just your imagination: Pollen season is getting longer and worse, study finds

Another study shows pollen season coming earlier and hitting harder because of climate change.

Newly published research found that pollen seasons now kick off 20 days earlier and last 10 days longer than they did in 1990.

Each season also has 21 percent more pollen than it used to have.

It's not the first time researchers have drawn a link between climate change and pollen season, but it is a newly released article in a peer reviewed journal.

WATCH: Helicopter stirs up cloud of pollen in Georgia forest
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Footage from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources shows a helicopter stirring up a frightening amount of pollen as it passes low over the West Point Wildlife Management Area in west-central Georgia.

The researchers found that warmer average temperatures caused by climate change are pushing plants to produce more pollen for longer periods of time.

The researchers looked at pollen count stations across the U.S. and Canada. They found the greatest increases among tree pollen.

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