Amazon driver caught urinating near front door of Riverside home after dropping off package

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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Amazon driver caught urinating in front of IE home after delivery
An Amazon driver was captured on video urinating near the front door of a Riverside home after he finished dropping off a package.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- An Amazon driver was captured on video urinating near the front door of a home in Riverside after he dropped off a package.

The doorbell camera video shows the driver making a delivery Wednesday before relieving himself.

Derek Bowen, who lives at the home, said the shocking scene was made worse because at the time the resident was showing his young daughter how the camera app works. The two of them watched the episode unfold.

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"This is the Amazon driver, right? And he's doing a normal thing until ... that goes on. That was an awkward moment for my 8-year-old daughter to experience there," said Bowen.

Bowen said he used to drive semi-trucks for Amazon, and while he never delivered packages for the company he did said the grueling schedules don't always allot time for bathroom breaks.

"I love Amazon. It's a great company," he said. "The balance between people and getting those packages there as soon as possible is obviously an issue there."

Bowen said the driver also urinated on the bikes that were by the door. He called the act disgusting, but he isn't filing a police report and isn't trying to go after the driver. However, he does feel the incident needed to be addressed.

"Someone needs to talk to him. If you're going to wear that Amazon logo - Amazon delivers smiles," he said. "That's what they do, and that was not a smiling moment."

An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement, "This type of behavior is unacceptable, and we've reached out to the customer to apologize. We've also taken steps to ensure the driver no longer delivers packages for Amazon."