Best portable grills for tailgating and cookouts this summer

ByNishka Dhawan KABC logo
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Here are the best portable grills.

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Summer is here, and you're probably spending more time in the backyard or outdoors at the park with your friends. One of the most satisfying activities outdoors is preparing your own grilled meats or veggies. A portable grill can help you do just that with minimum effort. Here are the best ones you can buy, plus what you should consider before purchasing one.

Portable grill buying guide

Size and weight: Portable grills come in all shapes and sizes. Some can weigh as little as two pounds and sit on your tabletop, whereas other comes with wheels for transport and are much heavier, It all depends on your grilling needs and space constraints.

Fuel type: There are both propane and gas portable grills. Propane grills are easier to use, with a simple button for ignition. You will have to pack a propane canister with you on the trip though. Charcoal grills are a lot less intuitive and require more work to start. Charcoal girls provide a better sear and generally more flavorful meat - just remember to pack your charcoal and pellets.

Extra features: Some grills come with extra storage spaces like the Cuisinart option below and some even come with built-in temperature thermometers or extra carrying handles.

Best portable grills


Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

  • $259

    Amazon customers love this propane grill because it's extremely easy to assemble, requiring little to no effort - so you can use it straight out of the box. It has one stainless steel burner and a cast-iron cook grate for your burgers and seared veggies. The entire cooking area is about 189 square inches, enough for four skewers or two flanks of steak and some veggies. It's available in six colors and weighs just over a pound so you can transfer it easily to your backyard or cookout.

    37% off

    Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill,

    • $24.99
    • $39.99

      This mini charcoal grill can fit on most patio tables. It's just 14 inches wide and weighs just four pounds, so you can carry it around with ease. It has a 196 square inch cooking rack so it can easily grill a few burger patties or sausages. It has a dual venting system which the brand says helps with even distribution of heat and temperature control. It also has a convenient ash catcher to prevent any mess after grilling.

      41% off

      Cuisinart Venture Gas Grill

      • $123.89
      • $209.99

        Another Cuisinart option, this portable grill comes with its own carrying handle for portability. Its lid doubles as a cutting board and there's a propane tank storage area for ease of use. It has a 154 square-inch cast iron grate and while this is smaller than some of our other picks, it's still convenient for tailgating or camping.

        27% off

        Coleman RoadTrip 225 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

        • $198.99
        • $274.99

          If you prefer a heftier grill on wheels, this pick is for you. It has a wide 225-square-inch grilling area, more than most options on this list. It is available in many colors and has an easy push-button ignition system. Its legs and wheels are foldable, allowing you to easily carry it in your car. It is on the heavier side though, weighing about 35 pounds, but the wheels make it much easier to transport around.

          15% off

          Pit Boss Grills Single-Burner Tabletop Grill

          • $105.49
          • $125.16

            With 322 square inches of grill space, this is the widest grill in this roundup. It has a grease tray that slides out for easy cleanup and its stainless steel legs are foldable for portability. It weighs 20 pounds putting it on the heavier side but it can cook the most food out of any other pick thanks to its two cooking racks.

            What else do I need for grilling?

            Make sure you purchase your desired propane tank for your gas grills and the required pellets for your charcoal grills.

            Have your grilling tools handy - you can purchase a set of grill tools or just get the essentials, like tongs and a basting brush.

            You might also want to stock up on grilling gloves or mitts to prevent any injuries while cooking.

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