Cambodian Restaurant week returns to Long Beach June 2

A total of 14 restaurants are participating in the eight-day event.

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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Cambodian Restaurant Week returns to Long Beach on June 2
Cambodian Restaurant Week returns to Long Beach, inviting food enthusiasts to explore the unique flavors of Cambodian cuisine.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Cambodian Restaurant Week is returning to Long Beach inviting food enthusiasts and community members everywhere to experience the unique flavors of Cambodian cuisine.

"Cambodian Restaurant Week is a week-long event of Cambodian culture and food. It's going to be from June 2 to the 9 supporting small businesses and Cambodian food and Cambodian-owned businesses," said Sayon Syprasoeuth, program director of United Cambodian Community.

This year, 14 restaurants are participating in the eight-day event. A new addition to the lineup is PS Fast Food 168.

"I'm so excited, the people will start to know us more and then I want people to come to try my food," said Sivlang Poeng, owner of PS Fast Food 168.

Poeng opened the restaurant three years ago with her husband. She says they are known for their famous ox-tail soup and beef noodle soup.

"I work with the customer. That's why a lot of people, they start to notice us more than before," Poeng said.

But if you're in the mood to try authentic Thai Lao street food, Owl Owl is another first-year participating restaurant that offers flavorful dishes.

"My wife and I opened the restaurant during the end of COVID. And we wanted to offer something in the community because what we bring to the public is different from other Thai restaurants and Cambodian restaurants," said Reagan Chatrirak, owner of Owl Owl.

For Cambodian Restaurant Week, the restaurant is offering a special on two of their most popular dishes.

"We're offering two dishes, it's the Kao Kluk Kapi with fried rice, shrimp paste and caramelized pork. And the second dish is a green curry, it's vegan-friendly," Chatrirak said.

The event kicks off on June 2 at 11 am. For more information, visit

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