Little French Bakery brings mixture of French finesse and Brazilian charm to Redondo Beach

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Sunday, May 26, 2024
Little French Bakery offers savory entrees and heavenly pastries
At the Little French Bakery in Redondo Beach, customers can expect to find everything ranging from savory sandwiches to heavenly pastries.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Bonjour and welcome to the Little French Bakery in Redondo Beach! It's a local bakery that is mixing French finesse with Brazilian charm.

At this little bakery, customers can expect to find their menu ranging from savory sandwiches to heavenly pastries.

"It's like a culinary experience," said the owner, Debora Sabbadin.

With their menu ranging from freshly baked baguettes, hearty sandwiches, savory puff pastries, and desserts galore they are bringing big flavors to the beach city.

"If you want to eat something fresh and enjoy a quality good pastry or sandwiches, you should come to try us," said the owner, Guillame Sabbadin.

Guillame and Debora Sabbadin are the owners of Little French Bakery. Guillame emigrated from France and Debora from Brazil. They met while working in a Los Angeles restaurant 20 years ago. Together they worked hard and in 2020 they took a leap of faith to open a restaurant of their own - Little French Bakery.

"We have so many supporters and it's amazing. We are very appreciative...and a lot of our customers are like family to us," shared the couple.

The Little French Bakery is unique because Mr. Sabbadin bakes on his own every single morning to give his customers fresh desserts.

"Weekdays, I start at 1 o'clock in the morning," said Mr. Sabbadin.

Customers can choose from the many savory entrees and lunch items they offer.

Their best-seller is the Parisian, a sandwich made with Italian prosciutto, French Brie, arugula and with pesto aioli on a baguette.

The Frenchy is another delicious sandwich that customers can check out. And if customers are looking for something else, they can try a puff pastry topped with burrata cheese, roasted tomatoes and drizzled with balsamic glaze and arugula to finish it off.

At this bakery, the menu is constantly changing with new items added each week.

"Redondo, it's a foodie town. People love food and appreciate good food, so they come back. They don't get bored," said Mrs. Sabbadin.

Customers can't visit a bakery without treating themselves to something sweet, and there are dozens upon dozens of desserts to choose from.

The Chef's favorite, the Jesuit, is a delicious light crunchy bread with a vanilla custard and almond slices.

The couple says that they are living the American dream.

"Imagine you come work for a company over here and you end up opening your own bakery, with your own wife and your kids. I'm like, it's a dream. It's a dream. I'm very happy and peaceful for it," said Mr. Sabbadin.

Little French Bakery is located at 1820 S Catalina Avenue. They are open six days a week beginning at 7 a.m. and closed on Mondays.

They recently opened a new location in Manhattan Beach with weekend hours.

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