SUVs may be popular, but sporty 2-door cars are still fun with a dash of style

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Thursday, July 4, 2024
Don't want to drive the same SUV as everyone else? Try a sporty 2-door
Don't want an SUV? Sporty cars are still out there and performing great, like the Subaru BRZ, Toyota Supra and Nissan Z and Mercedes-Benz CLE coupe.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Sure, it seems almost everyone drives an SUV of some sort these days, but if you want something different and fun, two-door sports cars or sporty cars are still out there -- and performing better than ever.

Subaru famously offers a variety of practical rides, including SUVs with all-wheel drive. But they also have a sleek little sports car called the BRZ. Okay, technically it's a sport-y car, as it does have a diminutive back set. But it sure checks sports car boxes with rear-wheel drive, a fairly powerful engine, and well-balanced handling.

Stick or automatic, and new this year is the tS model, with some tweaks from Subaru's racing division, STi. Base price for this version is $36,465, and the trunk is surprisingly roomy, so it's not without practicality.

No rear seat, but the Toyota Supra's recent comeback is really hitting its stride. Automatic-only when it launched, you can now get a 6-speed manual gearbox behind the BMW-developed inline-six engine. The original 1979 Supra had an inline six with an available stick shift, and since the model debuted 45 years ago, so Toyota celebrated the milestone with a special 45th Anniversary edition. Base price for the GR Supra 3.0 is $55,400.

And speaking of sports car legacy, the Nissan Z came roaring back a couple of years ago, and this year Nissan is honoring its roots with this special Heritage Edition model. Between the styling cues from the original 240Z, and iconic orange paint scheme, squint, and it's 1970 all over again. Though a 2024 price tag of $60,275 for this special Z.

If you think about the attributes people like about SUVs, whether they're large or small, a sporty two-door car really has none of them. Only two seats, or maybe a small back seat. They sit low to the ground, and they don't have a ton of cargo space. A sports car or sporty car is almost the anti-SUV.

Mercedes-Benz builds a dizzying array of SUVs these days, including three electric ones. But if you want something lower to the ground and much more sleek, the new CLE coupe has arrived. Smooth power and lots of tech, plus a back seat for people on the smaller side. The CLE 300 with four-cylinder power starts at $56,500, while the six-cylinder CLE 450 starts at $65,650. Both models come with all-wheel drive and a mild hybrid system.

So you won't be sitting up high, and you won't be making huge hauls at the big-box stores. But for pure driving fun, a dash of style, and knowing you're not driving what everyone else drives, sporty two-doors are still a segment worth seeking out.