Sweet Alice Square unveiled in Watts in honor of longtime community leader and activist

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Friday, June 21, 2024
Sweet Alice Square honors longtime Watts leader and activist
She's 90 years old and is still a force in Watts! "Sweet" Alice Harris has been giving back to the community and inspiring generations of young people for decades. Now, the community returned the favor.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It was at the corner of Lou Dillon Avenue and Santa Ana Boulevard in Watts where community members unveiled the newly named Sweet Alice Square. The celebration honored beloved community leader and activist Alice Harris, affectionately known as 'Sweet Alice.'

Friends and family spoke at the ceremony on Monday, including her great granddaughter who talked about Sweet Alice's resilience and determination when it comes to serving her community.

"She's always inspired and pushing me toward greater," said great granddaughter Kammerrin Herron. "She's done the groundwork, laid the foundation and for her to be 90 years old and given flowers on this day is nothing short of amazing."

For more than 40 years, Harris has giving out Thanksgiving meals to families, and bikes and toys to local students during the holidays. She also founded nonprofit organization Parents of Watts.

Harris is very well-known for her generosity and tireless service. She says she doesn't do it for the recognition, but is honored, nonetheless.

"It was simply beautiful, and it really helped me to continue, to continue doing what I am doing," Harris said. "That is taking care of this community and others community.

"People helped her, she helped them and it is just a honor for her to have that because she's been around here for years, decades, before I was born," said Carolyn Williams, a neighbor. "That was her job from God as I would say."

Councilmember Tim McOsker says the naming of Sweet Alice Square is just one way to show appreciation for the many years of service Harris has put in for her community.

"This memory, this sign and this naming will remember your work, decades and decades and decades of work, that's going to continue for decades and decades and decades more, forever," said McOsker.

As much of an honor it is to have a square named after her, it doesn't stop there. McOsker also said they will soon be naming the street that she lives on Sweet Alice Row.