Orange County woman lifted out of homelessness thanks to Tiktok video

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Viral Tiktok video helps lift OC woman out of homelessness
A homeless woman offered her food to a man she thought was needy - and her kind gesture has been rewarded.

COSTA MESA, Calif. (KABC) -- It's the way Linda Witt-King reacts to Jimmy Darts asking for food in a now viral TikTok video that's transformed her life forever.

"My life has completely changed," Witt-King said. "There's nothing, hardly anything left from the old life."

The 75-year-old was homeless and living in a tent but gave away the little food she had on her to help someone she thought was in need.

"I have been enormously blessed when I help somebody. When I give somebody food I'm blessed and this time in a major way," she said.

Darts records and posts videos on social media asking strangers for help.

"The cool thing about Linda is when she helped me it wasn't the very first time she decided to help someone," he said. "These people have been living a lifestyle of kindness and just in that one moment they get caught in the act and they become the hero of the video."

For her generosity Darts surprised her with $1,000.

He said, "I just know there's amazing people out there that have just kind of been handed a bad deck of cards."

He then turned to his millions of followers on social media and helped raise more than $44,000 through a GoFundMe page.

"Finding those people with those kind hearts that are out there in a struggling situation and being able to help them out of it is the biggest dream I have and meeting Linda was exactly that," Darts said.

Months later, Witt-King has put the money to good use.

She found a place to live in Costa Mesa.

Also, she's bought a van that will get her back on her feet.

Both agree a simple act of kindness can have a long lasting impact on those who least expect it.

Darts said, "I'm on this earth for such a short time I want to do whatever I can to bring heaven to earth and change people's lives."

"I feel so blessed, so blessed and grateful," Witt-King added.

She plans to help as many people experiencing homeless in any way she can.

Her goal is to create and launch the Gracious Nomad Academy which she hopes would address homelessness in Orange County.