LA native develops app to help users locate nearest Hispanic-owned food trucks

The Antojo App was created by an LA native to help food trucks and street vendors during the pandemic.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
New app helps users locate nearest Hispanic-owned food trucks
A Los Angeles native is in the process of developing an app to help users locate Hispanic-owned food trucks and street vendors in the area.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If you're looking to help mom-and-pop restaurants or street vendors, there's a new app in the works that can help.

The Antojo app is a mobile directory to locate the nearest food trucks and street vendors depending on what you're craving.

"I felt compelled to develop something that can help us connect to that community," said Luis Gonzalez, creator of the app. "I mean, they were hit pretty hard."

Gonzalez aims to use the app to specifically help Hispanic-owned businesses in Los Angeles. That's why he used the word 'Antojo,' which means craving in Spanish.

"I felt compelled to create something that facilitates that and connects us to those people that count on feeding us," said Gonzalez. "So that's where this came into fruition."

The LA native is a one-man-band who is working around the clock to add as many food trucks every day. And he's doing this on his own time after his regular job and isn't charging anyone to use the app.

"It's absolutely just me in the in the trenches, just hitting it hard and taking it as furthest as I can," said Gonzalez. "The app is very, very close to be put out into the market."

The Antojo app is still being developed and should be available for free in early 2021. But the directory is currently available online through a web browser at

"Right now, what's being developed is the app which allows for ordering, which that's the end goal," said Gonzalez. "That's what we want is for people to be able to order from there and will be free of charge for food trucks."

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