Randy's Roast: Inglewood landmark Randy's Donuts launches new coffee line

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Monday, October 21, 2019
Randy's Roast: Inglewood landmark Randy's Donuts launches new coffee line
Randy's Donuts, an Inglewood landmark, just launched a new coffee program called Randy's Roast.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- "I got the devils cake and a maple ice curl," Alex Reyes said.

"We got the glazed and the old fashioned," Richard and Ronya Hardwick said.

"I got a maple long john and a chocolate coconut glaze," Hector Reyes said.

Randy's Donuts has been in Inglewood for over 65 years. It's become an icon in the community. It is kind of hard to miss the 32-foot donut.

"It's in hundreds of movies. Seems like every time we're watching a movie it has Randy's Donuts in it," Ronya Hardwick said. "It's like a staple place to come here in LA."

Ronya and Richard traveled all the way from Florida to celebrate their honeymoon exploring Los Angeles, but people who've been coming to Randy's Donuts for years, say it's the same donut it's been since they first tried it.

"Same taste," Alex Reyes said. "Taste never changes and the coffee is great."

The donut is the same, but Randy's recently announced a new line of coffee to keep up with the coffee craze.

"Randy's Roast, is the lead, it's the brewed coffee," Thomas Bartsch, vice president of marketing, said. "You can get it hot. You can get it iced, but we're also introducing cold brew, espresso, and frappes."

The new Randy's Roast is 100 percent premium Arabica. The blend features coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia and Central America.

"It's tradition and it's really good actually," Hector Reyes said. "What can I say. Sometimes we change the looks of the coffee, but it still tastes the same."

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