Check out this music studio turned restaurant called Grandmaster Recorders

An iconic recording studio in Hollywood has been turned into a restaurant, and it's paying homage to the building's history.
HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Have you ever wanted to walk through the same halls as David Bowie, Kanye West or The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Well, at Grandmaster Recorders restaurant in Hollywood you can do just that, while enjoying a meal and a cocktail.

"Today, Grandmaster Recorders has changed from its original iteration, being a music-focused, functioning studio to now a restaurant rooftop bar," said co-owner Grant Smillie.

The studio opened in the 1970s with a coveted list of musicians recording there over the years, including Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and Gwen Stefani.

The studio stopped in 2016 when owner Alan Dickson died. It was vacant until Smillie and his team bought it.

"When we walked in here, I had no idea about the space, but instantly fell in love with it," said Smillie.

Monty and Jaci Koludrovic are partners in life and food. Monty runs the dining menu and Jaci runs the pastry menu.

Monty describes the menu as non-traditional Italian.

"The fun element comes from not being bound by tradition and we say it's food that Nonna would recognize but never really cook herself," said Monty Koludrovic.

While Grandmaster Recorders just opened in December, the owners expect to have lots of hungry customers plus live music in the future.

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