Riverside residents are demanding action from city officials after child killed in head-on crash

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Thursday, May 18, 2023
Riverside residents are demanding action after 8-year-old killed
Riverside residents say the intersection where an 8-year-old was killed in a head-on crash has always been dangerous, and they want city officials to finally do something about it.

RIVERSIDE (KABC) -- Whether they knew the 8-year-old killed in a head-on crash in Riverside or not, people who live in the community have been coming by the accident scene with candles and balloons to pay their respects.

The crash on Monday occurred at the intersection of Arlington Avenue and Stover, a stretch of roadway that many residents say is too dangerous.

The deadly crash that also left the 8-year-old's siblings in critical condition is just the latest tragedy, but it is sparking a fierce response for residents who want public officials to do more to address the speeding that takes place at the intersection.

"They need to slow down," said Jesse Marquez, a resident who said he's seen too many crashes along Arlington near Stover. "I want the city to come by, and sit at the corners and watch these people come by."

Marquez's feelings were a common theme among people who spoke to Eyewitness News.

"This is not the first accident we've seen. We've lived in two different areas, and it's non stop," said Crystal Tinoco of Riverside.

"I call it a death trap, once you get your nose out into the street you have seconds to gun it into the middle lane, otherwise you have a high chance of being t-boned," added Mallory Tichenor.

Tichenor also said she's angry with the city because they have not done anything to address dangerous driving at the intersection. But the city says they are doing something.

A traffic signal has been approved for the intersection, but Tichenor said she has been told by city officials that its construction has been delayed.

"It's the same thing we've been hearing since covid. It's a logistics issue, they're having a problem procuring the light poles that get put into the holes," she said.

The city estimates the traffic signal will be finished and operational by October.

Meanwhile, residents are left to wonder how many accidents will happen before then

"It's deeply impacting every one of us, not just because it's a community member and child, but it could be any of us," Tichenor said.