Road, parking lot repairs at San Onofre State Beach almost complete after rain-driven erosion

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Friday, March 29, 2024
Road repairs to San Onofre State Beach almost complete
After rain-driven erosion, repairs to roads and parking lots at San Onofre State Beach are nearly complete.

SAN ONFORE STATE BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- San Onofre Surfing Club has been catching waves at San Onofre State Beach for more than 70 years.

"The nice thing about that beach is it hasn't changed much since like the 40s and 50s," surfing club president Scott Cuda said. "It's a pretty special place to go down with your friends and family and surf and place volleyball and enjoy and untouched stretch of California that you don't see a lot of nowadays."

However, due to an extra rainy winter getting to the beach has been a lot harder.

Cuda said, "Definitely some erosion down on the road and some on the beach. It definitely took a hit this year for sure."

Kevin Pearsall, superintendent for California State Parks said, "It's sand so it's not normal parking lots with asphalt. They're sand access for parking, so 170 vehicle spots have been restricted since early February."

The U.S. Navy owns the land and leases it to California State Parks who started road repairs this week.

"It just has required the surfers to walk or park farther away and bring their surfboards so it's a little bit more of a physical exertion activity to get out there and enjoy the surf," Pearsall said.

Metrolink and Amtrak passenger rail service resumed through San Clemente after a roughly two-month closure.

Also, the works coincides with the military fixing issues with a drainage system they recently installed on the beach.

Pearsall said, "That didn't work as well as they'd anticipated so those corrections are being done now while the sediment enhancement or correction is being done at the same time."

The repairs could be finished as soon as Friday which has surfers pumped.

Cuda said, "I'm excited to get back in there on a regular basis for sure."

Even with all the rain expected this weekend California State Parks does not anticipate any delays and this parking area could reopen on Monday.