New 'Seacrest Studios' opens in children's hospital, emotions overflow for new 'Wheel' host

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Ryan Seacrest sits down to talk about latest 'Seacrest Studios'
The "Seacrest Studios" are implemented in children's hospitals to give kids the chance to talk about their journies.

NEW YORK -- Ryan Seacrest is staying as busy as ever preparing for his role as the new host of "Wheel of Fortune," but he's also focused on his "Seacrest Studios."

They are studios in children's hospitals across the country.

The studios are designed to give kids going through the worst an outlet to see what the world of radio and television looks like.

The newest Seacrest Studios opened at Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For Seacrest, it might be some of the most rewarding work he does.

"To be honest, you see everything, you feel the weight of what's happening. You look over and you see it on a mom or a dad's face when...sorry, I'm getting emotional talking about it, when they are going through something tough with their kids, and you just want to focus on helping them forget about it for a second, and going for that smile, and going for letting them sing that song that they love to sing in front of an audience that's paying attention to them. That's what I think about when we do these broadcasts inside these studios," Seacrest said.

When it comes to "Wheel of Fortune," he says he can't wait to take the reins.

"I grew up watching it. I'm such a fan Pat Sajak is one of the greatest hosts in television. He is a legend. Vanna White is unbelievable. She is a national treasure. I'm so happy she's gonna be there with me. I think about it Will, and I'm overwhelmed with enthusiasm and excitement.

That game is beloved. That show, that franchise is part of people's lives. It comes into their living room every night. I think there's something special about that. But I can't wait. I can't wait to meet people every night and literally do my best to make them feel at ease and comfortable so they can win a ton of money. And that's what my job is," he said.

Seacrest will make his debut as the host of "Wheel of Fortune" in September 2024.