EXCLUSIVE: Passenger on SFO-bound flight refuses to wear mask, snorts substance, becomes abusive

The plane was diverted to Minneapolis where the man was arrested.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A tense situation on a flight from JFK Airport in New York to San Francisco International Airport after an unruly passenger refused to wear a mask, began snorting a white substance, and then was accused of touching at least one female passenger. The plane was diverted to Minneapolis where the man was arrested.

"So we as a team made the decision to come here," is what a JetBlue employee announced to passengers who then erupted in cheers Sunday night.

That came on a plane that had departed New York's JFK in route to San Francisco International, but one that had to be diverted to Minneapolis-St. Paul International due to an unruly passenger. Those with JetBlue continued by describing what that passenger had done.

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"Gesturing stabbing motions towards another passenger and was also observed erratic behavior and snorting a white substance."

Witnesses say that passenger had a bag full of that white substance, touched at least one other woman, made inappropriate comments to numerous female passengers, yelled racist slurs towards passengers upon boarding, and refused to wear a mask.

"When he got to his seat he started yelling that he wanted a white Porsche. I don't know who he was talking to but that's what he was saying," says Bob McKanzie who was a passenger onboard the flight.

"So he kept walking back and forth to the bathroom, he had no shoes on, and he smelled awful," said Delaney Washington who was sitting near the bathroom.

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In a video taken by a passenger, those with JetBlue explained that they had to move one female passenger away from the man. Upon landing in Minneapolis witnesses we talked with say the man in question was met by officers and the FBI.

"I think everyone was very uncomfortable and he posed a flight risk and, again, kudos to the captain for keeping everyone safe and taking appropriate action," said a witness who sat within feet of the passenger.

That witness said the man in question had a plastic knife and may have been on cocaine or meth. Others were unclear on what was going on even as it was happening, saying the man had a white feather with him through everything.

All of the passengers we spoke with Sunday were appreciative in the airline's response in getting the man off the plane. Passengers arrived a couple of hours late but were happy that the crew got the situation under control.

"He just wanted us to sing at some point, and he smelled very strongly, it was a very pungent smell, and he kept walking to the bathroom he wasn't wearing a mask," said witness Salma Srour.

"He kept saying 'bless you" to me and he was acting really erratically," said Washington.

ABC7 News reached out to JetBlue, those at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and Minneapolis Police, but have yet to hear back.

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