Great white shark leaps out of the water to photobomb another shark

"Look what I can do!" A massive great white shark was being filmed up-close as he showed off his biting and snarling to the camera, when it was photobombed by an overly enthusiastic friend in the background.

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Boat passengers on a dive tour with White Shark Africa caught a memorable surprise when a great white breached out of the water to steal some camera time away from another shark busy chomping on a rope, according to ABC News.

"Sometimes sharks will jump to get out of each other's way, but there were no sharks below this one," said tour spokesperson Dan Abbott.

Abbot explained that the shark breached "for no apparent reason" since there wasn't bait in the water around them, and that it surprised everyone on board.

"Great whites are the only sharks that spy hop to see around above the surface," he said. "But I also like to think that, just like whales, great white sharks get some sort of joy from breaching like this."
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