TVs need at least 50-inch screens to watch Super Bowl, Consumer Reports says

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A sports bar is usually the best place to watch the upcoming Super Bowl game. But if you're buying a TV for a party at home, Consumer Reports suggests a screen that is at least 50 inches or larger for a crowd.

Testers in Consumer Reports' labs size up hundreds of televisions each year, and found that sets should also deliver a wide viewing angle.

"When you're watching a big game with a crowd of friends, not everyone is going to get that great seat front and center. One of the issues with some LCD and LED TVs is that the picture can start to look washed out when you view it at an angle," said Jim Willcox, senior editor at Consumer Reports.

Another consideration when buying a new TV is how well it can handle fast action. Fast moving pictures and color patterns help testers evaluate motion on a screen.

"Most TVs do fine with motion, but sports is one of the types of content that can really stress a TV's ability to present fast moving scenes without the image blurring," Willcox said.

Testers also evaluate whether the TV's sound is clear and loud enough, without any distortion.

The 55-inch Sony Bravia delivers excellent sound and gets top marks for ultra-high-definition 4K picture quality. The price is $2,800.

For those who don't want ultra-high-definition, the 55-inch Panasonic Viera is a Consumer Reports Best Buy for $700.

Two other big screen TVs that Consumer Reports recommends are the LG 55L-B 6300 for about $800 and the Samsung UN 50 H5203 for about $700.

While big sales are expected to pop up leading up to the Super Bowl, Consumer Reports said consumers will get a better deal in late February and early March as retailers clear out old sets for new ones.

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