Woman attacked in apartment by would-be burglar in Simi Valley

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Residents at the Sinaloa Villas apartment complex in Simi Valley are on edge Saturday night after a woman was attacked in her home, according to police.

Detectives said it happened around 5:30 a.m. in the 1700 block of Sinaloa Road. The would-be burglar broke into the woman's apartment just as she woke up.

"She called me. Somebody had gotten in through the window and was behind her door in the bedroom and kind of grabbed her from the back of her and put tape on her mouth," neighbor Bob Petit said.

The suspect is said to have punched the woman in the face as she fought him off. He then fled the scene.

Authorities brought in a K-9 unit, but there was no sign of the suspect.

"It is a bit unusual. It is a bit brazen breaking into an occupied residence so that's why we wanted to get this out there so that the residents are aware and they do take measures to keep their homes secure," Cmdr. Greg Gonzalez said.

Authorities urged residents to keep their doors and windows locked. The victim wasn't able to get a good look at the suspect since he came from behind. He is simply described as having a slender build and wore a dark hoodie.

Residents at the complex said they are shocked to hear about the break-in.

"It's like a quiet place over here so you know, I don't know what to think. I don't know the real story either so you know it's a concern," Christopher Bomagrazia said.

Anyone with more information was urged to call Detective Crocker at (805) 583-6974.
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