Lake Arrowhead residents still digging out from massive storm even as more snow on the way

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Monday, February 27, 2023
Lake Arrowhead: More snow expected Monday as highways remain closed
After receiving 6 feet of snow over the weekend, the mountain communities are still trying to dig themselves out as highways remain shut down and gas stations are beginning to run out of fuel.

LAKE ARROWHEAD, Calif. (KABC) -- Thousands of people in the Lake Arrowhead area are struggling to dig themselves out of the 6 feet of snow already on the ground at their elevation, just as more snow was expected to make landfall on Monday.

With hundreds of roads still shut down, most businesses closed and gas stations beginning to run out of fuel, people staying in mountain communities are hoping snow plows will be able to clear the roads and highways to establish safe routes out of the area.

On Sunday, our ABC7 news crew had to dig themselves out after getting trapped in the snow and ice before they could talk to others trying to cope with the severe winter weather.

Kevin Jackson said his only concern was that he and his friend had their daughters with them

"I would be fine if it was just me and the buddy I'm with," Jackson said. "But we got our two little girls with us, so that makes it a little nerve-racking. But, not my first time in the snow. We do this every year."

Another resident trapped in the snow, Trasier Schuyler, said he plans to take it slow while digging himself out and getting down the mountain.

"My plan is to just take it really slow and not be in a hurry," Schuyler said.

It took our ABC7 news crew all morning to dig their news truck out of the snow and then another two hours to drive down the highway to lower elevations. Although highways are still closed, vehicles were allowed to drive down.

With more snow expected Monday, officials say it will be several days before highways are safe enough for travelers to travel down the mountain.