Judge overseeing Orange County homeless crisis leads tour of Santa Ana Armory

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- A judge overseeing the homeless crisis in Orange County led a tour of the Santa Ana Armory on Tuesday and invited officials to gauge conditions of the temporary housing for those in need.

Judge David Carter invited people on both sides of the lawsuit to come with him to observe the exit of the armory by the homeless staying inside.

"It's a problem for Santa Ana, and I understand that because Santa Ana is getting the overflow of everything else, but this facility is really helping people try to get to a better place," said Jeffery Faccou.

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The armory has served as an overnight shelter for the homeless for years during the cold months but that was extended this year by 90 days due to demand.

While residents didn't want to be shown on camera, many spoke off camera, concerned that their neighborhood is being inundated with the homeless as they stream out of the armory in the morning.

"They're staying at the park. The park has also become like a camping area, especially this area, too, it's a jogging trail. They're using this as a sleeping area, too," one resident said.

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One of the biggest concerns is that right next door to the armory is an elementary school, and often young kids walking themselves to school have to walk through the homeless camped on the sidewalk.

Orange County's Executive Officer Frank Kim is one of the people who came out to view the situation.

"It's always a balance in terms of how you work with the community. We do listen to the concerns of the community, and we try to manage our program in a way that provides as minimal of an impact as possible," Kim said.

Carter set a new deadline for the cities to find a place to house the homeless and wants answers by next Wednesday.
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