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Friday, December 2, 2022

Charles Barkley is all-in on Team USA and more from our NBA quotes of the week.

"We opening up a can of whup-ass. I guarantee the Netherlands are in trouble. I want Spain, I want Brazil, I want Germany, I want France."

Charles Barkley, after the USMNT beat Iran to advance out of the group stage in the World Cup, via Inside the NBA

"That's a bad man right there."

Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton, on teammate Devin Booker's 51-point performance against the Chicago Bulls

"We [would have repeated] if we were healthy."

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, on the team's 2020-21 season. The Lakers went from winning a title in 2019-20 to losing in the first round of the playoffs the next season

"Everything has to go wrong in order for you to lose a game like that, and everything went wrong."

LeBron James, on the Lakers blowing a 17-point lead to the Indiana Pacers