Ducks' video of Ryan Kesler in 'birthday suit' taken down

ByGreg Wyshynski ESPN logo
Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Anaheim Ducks apologized Sunday for an "insensitive" video they released in conjunction with the NHL's 100th birthday that depicted a nude player walking past the office cubicles of female co-workers.

The video, which has been taken down from the team's social media feeds, featured center Ryan Kesler walking naked through the Anaheim office with a black rectangle over his lower body. He strolls past two women who are working at their desks, before entering the office of a male co-worker.

"Kes, what are you doing, bud? You got no clothes on," the male co-worker says.

"It's the NHL's 100th birthday. I'm celebrating in my birthday suit," Kesler replies.

The video landed with a thud on social media, with some questioning whether the comedy was appropriate given the number of high-profile sexual harassment and assault allegations made across several industries recently, many of them involving the workplace.

"Our tweet posted earlier today was meant to be a lighthearted video celebrating the NHL's 100th birthday," the Ducks wrote on their official Twitter feed. "We realize in retrospect the content of the video may have been insensitive and we have removed the video and apologize."