Father: Klay Thompson threw up, had other 'concussion-like symptoms'

ByRamona Shelburne ESPN logo
Friday, May 29, 2015

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson threw up and experienced other "concussion-like symptoms" late Wednesday night after being kneed in the head by Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza, Mychal Thompson told ESPN.

"He threw up a lot late last night but he felt much better afterwards," said Thompson, who is Klay's father and a former Lakers great. "Hopefully this break in the schedule will be a good break for Klay and the Warriors."

Mychal Thompson told ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike that his son was "woozy" when he drove Klay home, but after he vomited "he was feeling a lot better."

When asked whether Thompson was concussed, Thompson's agent,Bill Duffy of BDA Sports, told USA Today, "No."

Duffy told USA Today that Thompson underwent additional testing Thursday.

"My understanding is that it was negative," Duffy said. "There were no issues."

Thompson is scheduled to see a neurologist Friday, after which a final diagnosis will be made.

"I have absolutely no problems with how this was handled," Duffy told USA Today. "I think Klay was communicated with. There was no pressure whatsoever. It's absolute that this was handled the right way, with communication between the team and us, so I see no issue whatsoever, or no need for scrutiny. ... To me, it's a non-issue as to how it was handled."

Because Thompson has not been diagnosed with a concussion, the NBA's concussion protocol isn't currently in effect. The NBA Finals are scheduled to begin Thursday, June 4, giving Thompson a full week to recover.

Mychal Thompson said he thought his son would be "ready to go Thursday" if all goes well with his recovery. The initial plan is for Klay Thompson to rest through the weekend while being monitored by Warriors team doctors.

The team said after the game that "Thompson was evaluated by the Warriors medical staff immediately after suffering an injury during tonight's game and was put through a concussion evaluation. At the time he did not show any concussion-like symptoms. After the game he began to not feel well and developed concussion-like symptoms. He will continue to be evaluated by the team's medical staff."

Mychal Thompson said he was with his son when he began to feel nauseous and dizzy after the game.

"That's what you feel like when you have a concussion. I had a few of those when I played back in the stone age of the NBA. We used to just play through them. But now the NBA is really careful with them."

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